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~ Cinthia Rodriguez, Teacher, P.S. 38 Roberto Clemente

Essential Skills Integrated Assessment automatically identifies student learning gaps & assigns an individualized program to remedy problem areas.

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With over 20 years of classroom research, our programs have a proven track record of improving student outcomes

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Every Essential Skills program is developed by educators with years of practical classroom teaching experince

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Our Integrated Assessment automatically pinpoints areas of  student difficulty & assigns an individualized program to target skills

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Built-in Assessment

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Over 10,000 Interactive Learning Activities Provide Engaging, Focused Instruction with Minimal Distraction

  • Interesting, fun & easy to use
  • Activities for auditory, visual & tactile learners
  • Guarantees success through the effective use of reward, reinforcement & review
  • Skills are acquired sequentially, one step at a time
  • Students are automatically returned to where the left off
  • Students work & learn independently at their own level & pace

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This chart reflects DIBELS testing results for initial consonant sound recognition prior to working with the Essential Skills Super Phonics program and then again six months later. The students used the program once a week for 30 minutes during the September to March time frame.

The results indicate tremendous growth during the six month trial period with an average DIBELS score increase of 37.36 percent.

Super Phonics was the only program that was used and the students received no other instruction for initial sound recognition. 

The accompanying chart includes pre-test and post-test data collected during a two month study conducted regarding the effectiveness of the Essential Skills Sight Words program. Twenty-eight students from two first grade classes were administered a word recognition test for 300 words included in the Sight Words program. The students then used Sight Words three times a week for 30 minutes for a period of two months. At the conclusion of the two month trial, students were administered a post-test for the same 300 words.


Word Recognition

The results of the study indicated an average increase of 20 percent in word recognition, with nearly half of the students exhibiting an increase of 25 percent or greater. Eight out of the twenty-eight students showed improvements of greater than 30 percentile points. One student (*) in particular demonstrated increased word recognition of 37.41 percent. 

Given that Essential Skills Sight Words was the only program administered during this period, these results are a clear indication of the program's effectiveness for improving word recognition skills.

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Hundreds of reviews from real classroom teachers...

"These are high quality, research and evidence-based programs."

Billie Freeman

Resource Teacher

Gibbs Elementary

"Essential Skills programs are like having extra helping hands in the classroom. All my students are able to work independently at their own pace and level of ability."

Janice Hoffman

Special Education

Stevenson Elementary

"I have taught for a long time and the Essential Skills programs are the best that I have ever seen! The Teacher Dashboard saves a lot of administrative time."

Kelly Torgerson

Title I Teacher

North Shore Elementary

"Using Essential Skills software makes me feel better about the job I am doing as a teacher. The

programs allow for independent learning and they teach the specific skills my students need."

"I have students who would rather work on Essential Skills than go to recess. These programs teach the skills that young children need in a sequential, systematic manner. These are high quality, research and evidence-based programs."

Sandra Crandall

Reading Specialist

Moiola Elementary

"The programs can be individualized to meet the ability level and learning style of each student. I have noticed an improvement in my students’ performance and I use the programs to prepare the kids for testing.”

Lara Thompson

Interrelated Teacher

Fernbank Elementary

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